Gregor is a vital part of our team in Edinburgh who has supported clubs, family sessions, trips, volunteering at events like our Big Fun Raiser, fundraising collections, and even Brew & Bake at Sunday Funday - what a superstar! We're going to miss you so much, Gregor.

"I have been part of The Yard family for seven years now! I started as a volunteer in 2014, when I was in my last year of school and looking for volunteering opportunities in Edinburgh. I was fortunate enough to hear about The Yard through a family friend and was interested in finding out more, as I had worked with children in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I remember my first day, one of the Saturday family sessions. I was nervous and unsure what the environment would be like at The Yard. However, I was immediately welcomed in by the play team and put at ease. I could always speak to someone if I was unsure of anything.

When I left the session, I was covered in paint and could not wait to come back again the next week! My first impression was certainly a positive one and a day I will not be forgetting.

I was fortunate enough to get a place at Edinburgh University to study for the next six years, and as a result, I was able to continue my Yard adventure. I stayed on as a volunteer for a year then was lucky enough to become a sessional playworker at the start of my second year.

Although I felt more confident, I was still nervous about my new responsibilities. Again, I received a lot of support and training, off and on the play floor.

A common theme for me was that I always felt well supported and a part of a committed team when at work.

By this point, I was working at family sessions and the Thursday teen club. I loved getting to know individuals and families at these sessions and seeing them grow up over the years.

I continued to work at these sessions over the years, and was also lucky enough to do some Sunday Fundays and other clubs. Getting to speak to the public and spread the work of The Yard was another enjoyable experience for me.

I will always remember the joy of working with the teen clubs. Everyone was there to have a good time - I look back fondly on many great activities and group outings!

I stayed on as a sessional playworker for five years, until I got a job down in Newcastle. Over that time, I feel my skills grew and I started to gain faith in my abilities. I will never forget my many years of work with The Yard and am comforted to know I will always be part of the family.

It was such an honour to get to work alongside such joyous, skilled staff members, and the countless amazing young people and adults who attended. I have grown up with The Yard and it has made a lasting positive impact on my life that I hope to take with me to my new job.

I look forward to returning one day and seeing everyone, but until then, I would say to anyone that The Yard is just fantastic and working there has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I left many sessions covered in paint, sand, water, etc…but I always had a smile on my face, and for that reason, I am eternally grateful to the whole Yard family!"

Bye for now and a huge thank you for being such an awesome member of The Yard family!