Visiting The Yard is a unique and dynamic adventure experienced by 2000 disabled children and young people every year. Diversity, creativity and an empathic approach towards working with children and young people are what make our team so successful. While play is at the heart of our organisation, it takes more than playworkers to run our services. Behind the scenes too, there is a creativity and vision that propels our success.

Our play team is confident and high-spirited, balanced by a sense of professionalism, and backed up by training and experience. In delivering our services, we think creatively and carefully, reusing junk materials that would otherwise be cast aside. Our team stand back and reflect as much as they step in to encourage and facilitate inclusive play. This consistent practice has allowed The Yard to build a library of experience that we willingly share with other organisations through training and partnership working, as well as awards for our services. Behind the scenes, in our expanding fundraising, communications and management teams, creative approaches are found in developing new partnerships and services too.

Our service is inspected rigorously by the Care Inspectorate and their latest review highlighted our strengths as a whole family support service.

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The Yard is a great place to work. We are a dynamic organisation with people at its core, and we value our team highly. We strive to make everyone feel able to be themselves at work, feel supported and enjoy a healthy work life balance. In addition, we offer generous benefits.

All our members of staff are entitled to the following benefits. Some of the benefits are available after a qualifying probation period.

Annual leave

Employees are entitled to 30 days paid holiday entitlement each year, which includes bank and public holidays as we are open on public holidays. After two years’ continuous service with us you will be entitled to 33 days annual holiday entitlement, rising to 36 days after five years’ continuous service.

We also offer Carers’ Leave, Compassionate Leave and Unpaid Leave in certain circumstances.


We operate a contributory pension scheme with Aegon into which all staff are auto-enrolled (subject to the conditions of the scheme). We will make a  3% employer contribution with staff members required to make a 5% employee contribution which includes tax relief. Our employer offer increases with long service; we will pay a 6% contribution for those with more than five years’ service.

Staff also receive Death in Service Life cover at four times their annual salary.


All roles at The Yard are job-sized against the market to ensure fair and competitive pay. All roles are paid the Living Wage Foundation wage, as a minimum.

We also operate a system that, where there is budget available, allows for incremental salary increase marked against annual targets and shared competencies.

Employee Assistance Programme

At times staff members may face and need help with a variety of issues throughout their lives. As part of our commitment to all staff members we provide a 24/7 independent and confidential counselling and information telephone service, free of charge. Support is available on a range of issues including legal, financial, emotional, health issues and work-related concerns.

Childcare Vouchers

This is a flexible way to meet the costs of childcare. Part of your salary can be given up or ‘sacrificed’ in exchange for Childcare Vouchers. Within specified limits, these vouchers are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions and therefore present a saving for employees who receive them as part of their total employment package. The Childcare Vouchers received are then exchanged, in whole or part, for the approved and registered childcare services you use.

Maternity/parental leave

Enhanced maternity or parenthood leave entitlements are in place, including extended maternity leave. This is available after a qualifying period.

Flexible working/work life balance

The right to request flexible working is available to all employees. There are a number of different flexible working arrangements available throughout the organisation, which can be arranged by mutual consent.

Interest free loans for training and study

The Yard offers interest free loans for CPD training and courses that staff members would like to access.

Mental Health First Aiders

As well as Physical First Aiders, we also have Mental Health First Aiders in our teams, supporting colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing.


We will make statutory sickness payments (SSP) where staff qualify. We also have our own enhanced sick pay scheme, including full pay for a period, subject to certain conditions.

Our vision for the future is access to adventurous play for all disabled children in Scotland. We are a dynamic, growing organisation, so keep checking back for current vacancies.

Read our transparency statement for potential employees.