We are seven weeks into our new partnership with Hearts & Minds, hosting video calls with the Clowndoctors, to bring fun and laughter for children and their families to their homes. 

As we reflect on the last seven weeks of silliness and look forward to extending our partnership for a further eight weeks, we spoke to mum Chantel who uses The Yard Fife with her sons Oliver (10) and Lee (4). Oliver has complex additional needs and his calls with the Clowndoctors have been beneficial for the whole family. 

The Clowndoctors have been amazing. They bring Oliver and Lee 15 minutes a week where they can forget about everything, and interact and play with other people and one another. It completely makes them forget about the anxiety of lockdown and Covid, which both boys have struggled with all the way through this pandemic, so it's great for them. 

We feel we all get benefit out of them. Caring for your children during lockdown has been so lonely and difficult, as well as exhausting. The Clowndoctors give us all 15 minutes of sheer joy and laughter, which follows through the rest of the day.

As always, The Yard gives us a lifeline. Even if we can't be physically there, it's so nice that they offered us there sessions. We are extremely grateful.

Our sessions run on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon and last for 15 minutes. The sessions are only open to members of The Yard and are suitable for children and young people of all ages. Although the visits are virtual, we work closely with Hearts & Minds to place human connection at the heart of the visits, and to make them as personalised as possible for the children taking part. 

You can check out the Hearts and Minds YouTube channel to see lots of videos of the Clowndoctors in action. This will give you a good idea of what they offer!

If you would like to register your interest, please get in touch.