Business Diplomacy

We are delighted to bring back Business Diplomacy back in-person after a year of online sessions. This high-quality half day course is deal for mid/senior manager and directors in any business. The session will take place on Wednesday, 23 March and be delivered by the Graham Cox of Boundaries Edge.

Event Overview

Within a pandemic, behaviours change. Decades of experience and modelling, combined with scenario testing has shown that pandemics alter the subconscious root of decision-making. The emotion ‘disgust’ is a natural evolution of the human mind to help us avoid pathogens. Therefore, within a post pandemic competitive market, particularly where it is difficult for clients to differentiate between services offered by various firms, being successful is about building powerful relationships that deliver tangible results.

Even with the best product/service pitched with a correct price – people still buy people. With the opportunities going to the person that is liked and trusted the most, there is a clear competitive edge to being the best at building high performance client-focused teams.

This interactive event looks at all the aspects that are vital for building and inspiring powerful relations. It focuses on practical ways to ensure you and your brand are liked and trusted more than your competitors. Thereafter it looks in depth at effective ways to influence and persuade – all set within an empathetic environment to stimulate long-term relationships. It is a professionally interactive learning and development series that combines case studies and practical learning.

It draws on the experience of Boundaries Edge, a company with staff from backgrounds in the British Intelligence Services, HM Diplomatic Service, business neurology and psychology and Fortune 500 companies. As they will explain, the ability to form powerful and influential relationships within special operations is fundamentally the same as operating within the corporate world.

Event Outline 

1230 - 1300  Arrivals: Networking lunch and tour of The Yard

1300 – 1330  Understanding the Human Mind: How people make decisions.

1330 – 1400  Liking: Why people like someone or something.

1400 - 1430  Trust: Why people trust certain ideas and not others.

1430 – 1500  Elicitation & Detecting Deception: How to elicit the truth.         

1500 – 1530  Persuasion & Conversion: The art and science of persuading minds.

1530 – 1600  Negotiation: Techniques to succeed during negotiations. 

1600 – 1700  Ex CORPORATE AGENT 


Email Gizem Fowler, our Partnerships Manager, at [email protected] now to reserve your place or to find out more about this course. 

Delegate benefits

  • A stronger position within your company
  • A stronger personal reputation within the marketplace
  • A higher rate of new and existing client conversion
  • More powerful client relationships that deliver results
  • Enhanced self confidence through better engagement

Partnerships Manager for further information.