Visiting The Yard is a unique and dynamic adventure experienced by 2000 disabled children and young people every year. Diversity, creativity and an empathic approach towards working with children and young people are what make our team so successful. While play is at the heart of our organisation, it takes more than playworkers to run our services. Behind the scenes too, there is a creativity and vision that propels our success.

Our play team is confident and high-spirited, balanced by a sense of professionalism, and backed up by training and experience. In delivering our services, we think creatively and carefully, reusing junk materials that would otherwise be cast aside. Our team stand back and reflect as much as they step in to encourage and facilitate inclusive play. This consistent practice has allowed The Yard to build a library of experience that we willingly share with other organisations through training and partnership working, as well as awards for our services. Behind the scenes, in our expanding fundraising, communications and management teams, creative approaches are found in developing new partnerships and services too.

Our service is inspected rigorously by the Care Inspectorate and their latest review highlighted our strengths as a whole family support service.

Our vision for the future involves working to build The Yard in other areas of Scotland, starting with Dundee and Fife. We are a dynamic, growing organisation so keep checking back for current vacancies. You can also apply to join our team as a volunteer.

Read our transparency statement for potential employees.

Read our transparency statement for volunteer applicants.