Duncan on netOur club for 12-18 year olds runs at The Yard Edinburgh on Thursdays from 6.15 to 8.45pm. Our playworker Duncan leads this club.

Our teen clubs build on the adventure play origins of our playground, offering risk and challenge alongside fun, friendship, new experiences, and opportunities to develop independence and social skills.

Collaborative games, cooking, baking and disco nights happen at The Yard, while trips out vary from climbing at Alien Rock, to swimming at the local pool.

For young people dealing not only with adolescence but also their disability, our youth clubs offer a valued route away from the risks of social exclusion, and over-reliance on support from parents and carers, for whom these clubs are also a welcome source of respite.

This club is for The Yard members, who are able to self-travel or be dropped off and attend independently.

There is usually a waiting list for our clubs - please contact our play team if your child is interested in joining.