Thank you to everyone who presented and participated at our latest team workshop on Friday 20th August 2021. If you couldn't make it, don't worry, we have linked the presentations and videos from the workshop below. You can also get in touch with the presenters to ask questions.

Download Celine's presentation that gives an update on our progress against our strategyPlease contact Celine with any questions.

Download Hannah's presentation covering the survey results and latest projects from our Diversity and Inclusion working groupPlease contact Hannah with any questions.

Watch a quick update from our new Holiday Support Service at Oaklands School this summer. Please contact Justin with any questions.

Download Christy's presentation on the systems review projectPlease contact Christy with any questions. Watch a quick overview of why we are undertaking this project and the benefits it will bring.

Download Janet's presentation covering our recent Wellbeing Week and what's next for our Wellbeing working groupPlease contact Janet with any questions.

Download Aneta's presentation that outlines the latest service developments at all sitesPlease contact Aneta with any questions.

Watch a short update from our play team of what we've been up to this summer.

If you would like to contribute to our next team workshop later this year, please get in touch with SMT with your ideas.