Our members are the heart of our community and together we achieve great things for disabled children in Scotland. Your membership helps make it possible for us to run our play services in Edinburgh, Dundee and Fife. As the Yard grows, it will help us support even more disabled children and their families throughout Scotland. Membership helps us rely less on fundraising, making it a vital part of what keeps our organisation strong and resilient. The cost of delivering our play services increases over time, and our 2018/19 membership review indicated it was necessary to introduce the first price increases since membership was introduced in 2014. Before making any changes, we consulted with our members at family sessions and through an online survey. The results showed the vast majority of our members highly value our services and are happy to pay more towards their true cost. Based on our current numbers, these changes will generate an extra £20,000 each year. This additional income could, for example, pay for ten weekends of family session. The Yard team will continue to earn income and fundraise to cover the majority of our clubs’ costs.