What visual cues does the human brain need before it will trust someone?

Across the world the level of ‘fake’ news/advertising/commitments are perceived to be growing. As such trust is believed to have fallen to an all-time low, with many law firms struggling to convey a trustable and authentic brand. Whilst every lawyer can earn trust, only 3 out of 10 will be trusted from the outset. This module looks at the 6 way to build trust to set the conditions to earn clients long-term trust. It takes learnings from hostage negotiation scenarios where building trust is fundamental, and applies these to the fast paced corporate world. It enables the cultivation of long-term powerful client relationships that last.

Boundaries Edge is a company with staff from backgrounds in the British Intelligence Services, business psychology and Fortune 500 companies. As they will explain, the ability to form powerful and influential relationships within special operations is fundamentally the same as operating within the corporate world.

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