As a mum and artist, Jen Murphy is no stranger to glitter, paints and play – so she’s right at home at The Yard!

A self-confessed ‘Jack of all trades’, Jen (43) was a nurse before her daughter was born over ten years ago, but to provide a better life/work balance, changed tack and became a freelance artist.

However, often working alone in her studio, Jen missed the buzz of working with children, so since 2017, she has also worked at The Yard, both in Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy.

With her art career on the back burner, Jen is also pursuing a Master’s in Art Psychotherapy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Jen explained, “The Yard has been fantastic for me as it’s given me the flexibility to be a mum, work and study. I’m a great believer in making the most of what you’ve got and reminding yourself that you have transferable skills that can be used in many different environments. My nursing, uni work and The Yard all compliment and benefit each other.

“When my daughter was growing up, I could take her anywhere and never thought about the families who were restricted, who couldn’t access all the places we could. It’s a real privilege to get to know these families, to allow them just to relax and have a cuppa while their child is safe and having fun. Best of all is seeing them progress developmentally and socially, all through play. And of course, as someone who sees the benefits of making mess, I love encouraging creative play and just getting stuck in!”

If you are a creative person, who loves play and looking for a flexible opportunity, you could join our pool of sessional playworkers. Please have a look at our current vacancies.