Our fantastic fundraiser Kaydi, who used to come to The Yard before the pandemic, has set up her own business called Diversified, with a vision of becoming a social enterprise as well as a neurodiverse employer. Diversified sells affordable sensory and fidget toys through their website. Kaydi also sells sensory subscription packs, which send subscribers a large selection of sensory and fidget toys every three months. 

"I first went to The Yard with my little brother, mum and some other parents with their children. I was one of the oldest there and initially I felt a bit unsure. But as soon as I got there the staff were so friendly and kind. They welcomed me and showed me around. There was so much fun stuff to do! I instantly took to the art room because I love everything creative.

It's hard for me meeting new people, but I had no reason to feel nervous, because the people that arrived were around my age and they were so awesome! We got on so well and we didn't just do some art together, we also worked together to host a talent show in the dome outside for some of the children, parents and staff.

I had so much fun that we decided to go to The Yard more often. After I wasn't able to go to school, The Yard was one of the few things that was positive in my life. It became my sanctuary, a space where I was understood and supported. It allowed me to make new friends and it really helped build my confidence. It was an environment that made me feel safe and gave me so many positive opportunities. The staff were so supportive and kind; it really felt like a family.

The Yard is a really special place to me and my family, and without it I don't think we would have managed through the difficult things that were happening in our lives."

Kaydi has generously offered to donate this month's profits from Diversified to The Yard. We would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of our families and encourage you to visit the Diversified website to have a look at the amazing products on offer.