At The Yard we love getting messy and having fun, inside and outside, come rain or shine. We are celebrating our 30th birthday and would love for your school to join in and celebrate this special year with us. So give it some welly for The Yard and let’s raise money so all children have a safe and fun place to play!

We would be delighted if your school would like to get involved in our fundraising campaign. Some ideas of fun activities you can do as a class or as a student are:

  • Wear your wellies to school day – Pay £1 and wear your wellies to school.
  • Sponsored welly walk – Pick a day, choose a distance, pop on your wellies and take on a challenge with your classmates.
  • Welly fashion show – Decorate your wellies and put on an amazing fashion show for the rest of your school.
  • What’s in the welly? – Let your senses run wild and guess what’s in the welly.
  • Sponsored welly wang – Who can throw their welly the furthest!?

If your school would like to take part in our welly campaign, we would love to hear from you. Please email Anna for more information or download our free fundraising pack.