Our early years team leader, Danielle, reflects on our partnership project with the Clowndoctors.

"Here at The Yard, our play team has long admired the work of the Hearts & Minds Clowndoctors, and so we were delighted at the prospect of working with them through our early years music sessions.

So many of our families have met the fantastic Clowndoctors during their time at the Sick Kids, and were really keen to have them join our community here at The Yard. This is a pilot project for six weeks initially and the hope is we can apply for joint funding to continue their visits.

Dr Squash, Dr Zapp and Dr Maybee have been getting up to mischief during our music sessions, making not only the children, but the parents and play team all giggle. It has been an absolute delight watching the children become even more animated and teach the clowndoctors all of our magical counting songs!

Our five fat sausages song, which is already a massive hit with our children, has been remixed by the wonderful clowndoctors - now we are torn as to which one we should sing! What do you think?"