In October 2017, we purchased a Tuff Spot Tray for our Early Years Service. What is a Tuff Spot Tray, you might ask? Tuff Spots are a great way for all children to explore a range of activities and materials at a low level. Babies and pre-school aged children can explore resources in the tray by lying or sitting on the floor to access the tray.

Let the adventures begin...

Our first adventure took place on Halloween. We became witches and wizards, and created various potions and even a witch’s brew!

We then became Santa’s little helpers and made reindeer food to help guide the reindeers to all the children’s doors.

On Burns Night we experienced vegetarian haggis, turnips and potatoes (neeps and tatties). We used our hands and potato mashers to explore the food – we even got to eat some!

We created our own jewels and treasure when we painted ice! It was cold, but fun to see the ice change colour, texture and size.

Have you visited our secret sensory garden? We made our own play dough, chopped the herbs we collected from the garden and mixed it all together. Our play dough had so many wonderful smells and lasted for ages!

Ivan read a lovely story by Lois Ehlert called ‘Leaf Man’. We looked at all the amazing creatures the leaves created. We were then able to create our own wonderful images, and explore all the colours, sizes and smells of the leaves we had collected.

One of our members donated her wonderful activity village. Every week we turn the village into a different landscape. This time it was a snowy village...being attacked by a giant!