For over thirty years, The Yard has been a second home for families with disabled children across Scotland to have fun, feel accepted, relax and make friends.  For many families, Christmas can be a very stressful time, particularly for families with disabled children. At Christmas time, The Yard becomes a magical and special safe haven for the whole family to play.

Natalie is mum to Lucas (7) and Parker (3) and they started coming to The Yard when Lucas was going through his autism diagnosis process over three years ago. As a family, they use The Yard as often as they can, particularly during the holidays, as Natalie finds it is the only place she can take both her sons on her own. During the Christmas holidays, The Yard offers the family a place they feel comfortable to be themselves and enjoy free play. Natalie says:

“There is so much change everywhere at Christmas; there are lots of decorations, music and people, plus the added change to routine with school holidays means that it is often just too much. Being able to access The Yard over Christmas is a blessing as it gives the whole family respite from all the other changes happening around us. Any Christmas parties or activities offered within The Yard give Lucas and Parker an option to join in, but there is no pressure and it is on their own terms when they feel ready to join in. It is so nice to be around the support of other parents who are struggling to cope through the Christmas holidays. We can all support each other just by having a wee cup of tea and a chat.”

By giving The Yard a gift this Christmas, you help us continue to provide families like Natalie's a safe, non-judgmental and fun space for the whole family to spend time together over the holidays. 

£10 could pay for a new dressing up outfit so our young adventurers can let their imaginations run wild this Christmas.

£30 could pay for art, craft and baking supplies for our family sessions. At Christmas we like to make reindeer antlers and snowman cookies.

£50 could help with the cost of festive entertainment for our families at one of our seven Christmas parties.

£60 could pay it forward by covering the cost of one family's membership for the whole year ahead.

£100 could fund one of our play team leaders for a day during the Christmas holidays. They build imaginative play experiences and create a non-judgmental environment for families to relax.

£250 could fund a trip for two of our youth clubs to enjoy the Christmas markets, go ice skating or enjoy a hot chocolate with their friends.

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