Gung-Ho! is an inclusive 5km running event, with a focus on fun and it's coming to Edinburgh in 2020 on Sat 9th May. This is the perfect event for all fitness levels so gather up your friends, family or work colleagues. You will definitely have never been on a team building experience like this! 

You can sign up to the Edinburgh event now by visiting the Gung-Ho! website or if you would like to speak to a member of the fundraising team about signing up please send us an email

Stevanna is a mum of four boys, two with autism and she brings the whole family to The Yard during the school holidays. She decided to do the Edinburgh Gung Ho because she wanted to give something back to a place where the whole family feel like they can all be themselves. She is also on a bit of a health kit and thought it would make sense to help The Yard whilst training!