Practical ways to make sure you are liked more than the competition.

The role of liking in professional relationships continues to grow. Naturally we enter productive relationships with those we like, but more critically liking is essential in memory formation. If a client has 3 pitches to choose from, they are most likely to favour the pitch they positively remember the most. However, with ‘liking’ being a subconscious process very few leaders are taught how to be liked. We look at why we like a brand and/or a person and detail unique and innovative ways to ensure your personal and corporate brand are liked more than your competition. It explains what makes a good song good, and why people will listen to you, and not your competition before concluding with a range of practical and ethical ways to apply during meetings.

Boundaries Edge is a company with staff from backgrounds in the British Intelligence Services, business psychology and Fortune 500 companies. As they will explain, the ability to form powerful and influential relationships within special operations is fundamentally the same as operating within the corporate world.

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