Max in hutOur club for 18-25 year olds runs at The Yard Edinburgh on Saturdays from 6 to 8.30pm. Our playworker Max leads this club.

Our Saturday evening club is for young people experiencing the transition to adulthood. It provides a safe, relaxing environment where young people can be themselves and develop independence, with the support of trained and empathic staff.

The Yard becomes a focal point for friendships that grow bigger than the confines of our playground. Young people, parents and carers all tell us about increased confidence and interests that grow out of attending this club.

This group are becoming more independent; there are more trips out than with our other clubs, and they vary from dinner out, to nights at the bingo and seeing shows at the Fringe. At The Yard, this club enjoys activities such as boccia, movie nights and pottery making.

This club is for The Yard members, who are able to self-travel and attend independently.

Once a young person has successfully transitioned into this club, they can no longer attend our family sessions.

We are currently reviewing our waiting list system for clubs, so we are not adding any new names at the moment. We will provide an update on our waiting list process in April 2018.