Explore The Yard

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Shredded paper

Shredded documents become epic playgrounds at The Yard. We always think twice before throwing anything away!

Pink den

Where else can you dive through shredded paper in a big pink tent, screaming and shouting, while your teachers look on and smile?

Dressing up

If you’re going to be an explorer, dinosaur or astronaut you need the right kit and there’s a good chance you’ll find it in our dressing-up corner.

The Yard Building

At The Yard, you can pass effortlessly between outside and inside. The fun doesn't stop on rainy days, explore The Yard.

Racing around

Touring the race tracks and racing your friends are always fun. From roller skates to go-karts, we always include everyone.

Sensory room

We all need a break sometime. The sensory room is purpose built and available for those who need time to relax and regain themselves.

Family sessions

There's no party like a Yard party. Members and their siblings can enjoy open family sessions, meeting new members from all ages and backgrounds.

Soft play

Soft play is a wonderful adventure for our young Yard members. Let the imagination run wild.

Face painting

Face painting is a must if you want to become the amazing Spiderman or a roaring Tiger!

Den making

At The Yard we are constantly changing our surroundings to creating new and creative dens and play areas. Each day is anew adventure.


The Yard would not be the same if it wasn't for all of the wonderful smiles and laughter of our members.